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Nicola Francesco DOTTI

Current Position
Post-Doc in Economic Geography
Supervisor: Bas VAN HEUR

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
WE DGGF, 6F326, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: 0032 2 629 31 85
Fax: 0032 2 629 33 78

Research Areas
Geography of Research and Public Policy Innovations Informal Economy Policy Evaluation and Territorial Impact Assessment EU Policies in European Regions (Structural Funds and Framework Programmes) Integrated Territorial Perspectives of Economics and Politics in Europe
Ongoing research projects
"Informal Economy in Brussles: exploring urban dynamics" Nicola Francesco Dotti, Bas van Heur and Eric Corijn "Geography of Research and Innovations of Public Policies in Brussels" Nicola Francesco Dotti (post-doc) and Bas van Heur (promoter)
Past Position
EU Commission, DG for Research and Innovation – Environment
Coordination and Evaluation Unit
Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the EU Research Policy for Climate Change, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials.

Academic background
PhD in Territorial Economics
Dept. of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Thesis: Territories, Governments and the European Structural Funds: Regional Distribution, Political Allocation and Territorial Capital Accumulation
Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Camagni, Prof. Roberta Capello

MSc in Local Economic Development
Dept. of Geography, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (UK)
Thesis: “Structural Funds, Multilevel Governance and Regional Collective Action: The Effects of Decentralization and Politics on the cycle 2000-06”
Supervisor: Prof. Andrés Rodriguez-Pose, Dr. Riccardo Crescenzi

Double MSc at Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) of Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Dept. of Industrial, Communication, Fashion and Media Design
Thesis: Torino and Milano as Capital of Design and Contemporary Art: urban policies for synergies
Supervisor: Prof. Alberto Seassaro, Prof. Raffaella Trocchianesi, Prof. Luigi Brenna

MSc in Urban Planning and Policy Design
Faculty of Architecture and Society, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Thesis: Territory, University and Knowledge: the students’ attractiveness of Italian Universities
Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Camagni

Bachelor in Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning
Faculty of Architecture and Society, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Thesis: Territorial Images and Relational Capital to Design Territorial Policies
Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Camagni

Research Projects
Title: Les projets de diversification économique en Europe et aux États-Unis : Déterminants clés de succès et enseignements
Research funded by the Regional Governments of Mauricie and Becancour (Quebec, Canada)
Supervisor: Prof. Frederic Laurin
Period 2012-13

Title: Assessment of Regional and Territorial Sensitivity (ARTS)
Research funded by ESPON
Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Camagni
Period: 2010-11

Title: Ex Post Evaluation of the ERDF in Objectives 1 & 2
Research funded by EU Commission - DG-Regio
Supervisor: Prof. Roberta Capello, Prof. Ugo Fratesi
Year: 2009-10

Title: Territorial Impact Package for Transport and Agricultural Policies (TIPTAP)
Research funded by ESPON
Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Camagni, Dr. Camilla Lenzi
Year: 2008-09

Title: Evaluation of R&D Policies
Research funded by the Italian Ministry of Research
Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Catalano
Year: 2007

Urban Dynamics of Creativity - Prof. Alessandro Balducci
Alta Scuola Politecnica – 2009/10

European Economics and Urban Policies
Dr. Camilla Lenzi – Politecnico di Milano 2009/10

Public Policy Assessment and Evaluation – Prof. Roberto Camagni
Politecnico di Milano – 2009/10

Urban Economics: Theory and Quantitative Application – Prof. Roberto Camagni
Politecnico di Milano – 2008/10

Dotti, N. F. (2012). The Unbearable Instability of the Structural Funds’ Distribution. European Planning Studies, forthcoming

Camagni, R., & Dotti, N. F. (2010). Il Sistema Urbano. In P. Perulli & A. Pichierri (Eds.), La Crisi Italiana nel Mondo Globale: Economia e Società del Nord (pp. 35-68). Torino: Einaudi.
Dotti, N. F. (2007). Università conoscenza territorio. Territorio, 43.

Other relevant activities
Regional Studies Association (RSA) Italian and European Regional Science Association (AISRe/ERSA) Alumni ASP (founder and former secretary) PlaNet – Milano (Planning Network of Students and Graduated)

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