Research, Ongoing

The regeneration of large-scale Social Housing estates through LivingLabs. Funded by JPI Urban Europe ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures

Consortium partners: Cosmopolis - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Société du Logement de la Région Bruxelles Capitale, Samenlevingsopbouw Brussel, Habitat et Rénovation, DAStU  - Politecnico di Milano, Éupolis Lombardia, Osservatorio Regionale sulla Condizione Abitativa – Regione Lombardia, Azienda Lombarda Edilizia Residenziale, Associazione Temporiuso, AHTTEP – AUSSER - École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris La Villette, AA Feraru, Immobilière 3F

The SoHoLab project establishes and evaluates LivingLab approaches to understand how under-privileged residents, housing associations and other intermediaries can be effectively involved in the regeneration of large-scale social housing estates. It aims to develop approaches and best practices to address the social-spatial exclusion of residents in deprived large-scale social housing estates in Europe. In particular, its goals are (1) to actively involve social housing residents in conceiving and realizing transformative projects for the regeneration of their housing environment (2) to build up a counterhegemonic image of stigmatized neighborhoods and (3) to engage in bonding and bridging efforts to align different actors and governance levels around shared interests. As such, the project aims to mobilize the socially innovative potential of co-productive and co-design approaches for urban regeneration of deprived neighborhoods, focusing on the priority themes of 'social and spatial segregation' and 'social innovation' in the EU's Urban Agenda (EU, 2014-2020).

These approaches will be developed, tested and refined on the basis of an evaluation of existing regeneration projects in Paris, of an ongoing LivingLab experience in Milan and in new LivingLab projects in Brussels and Paris.

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