Brussels Academy (FR/NL/EN)

Brussels Academy (FR/NL/EN)

A citizens' urban university

The Brussels Academy is an urban university sharing knowledge on Brussels with citizens and Brussels civil society actors by organising free classes. These classes are not held at university campuses but in the heart of the (multicultural) city center, at the Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale in Molenbeek. On Friday evenings, urban lectures in English called STADSSALONSURBAINS are organised at the Beursschouwburg.

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Open courses for citizens interested in Brussels 

The Brussels Academy was launched in the Spring of 2013 by a group of emeriti professors (Eric Corijn, Christian Vandermotten, Claire Billen,...) willing to invest in Brussels civil society by teaching on Brussels and urban topics for citizens and organisations. The Brussels Academy presents itself as a citizen-focused urban university with the goal of "making the city together". The Brussels Academy makes knowledge on Brussels available to civil society, in order to strengthen urban knowledge in the city, for the city and for its actors. The Brussels Studies Institute and the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research are partners in the Brussels Academy project.

Programme of the Brussels Academy

STADSSALONSURBAINS, a meeting point for urbanites 

The city is the future? Most definitely! Throughout the last decade many new ideas and insights have been presented in the field of Urban Studies. At the STADSSALONSURBAINS renowned international professors are invited to present their ideas to the Brussels audience. The STADSSALONSURBAINS are a brand new series of lectures in English and documentary screenings for urban professionals, students and all city lovers.