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#BXLdemandscleanair How do we evaluate the political projects for better air quality?

19 November 2018 , 18:00 -20:00h, Beurscafé, A. Ortsstraat 1000 Brussel

Air quality is hot news. Every day new studies and reports about poor air quality and its consequences are added to the shelves.

But how do we get Brussels air cleaner? What measures do the various political parties put forward?

With the 2019 regional elections approaching, it is time for all political parties to present their solutions

While clean air is everybody’s concern, regardless of the political colour or ideology, only ambitious solutions will make the difference.

This event provides an opportunity for political parties to present and explain their proposed solutions.

It is also an opportunity for citizens and movements to evaluate them, on the bases of their own expertise, their pollution measurements, their values and reflections.

This event is not a political debate about the current situation: it is a dialogue focused on the next legislature, and on the co-design of an ambitious air, mobility and health policy.

The exchange will be facilitated by Kris Hendrikx (BRUZZ) and Sabine De Bethune (BX1).

This event is part of a broader process of citizens lobbying, and builds on earlier exchanges between citizen experts and Brussels parliamentarians, namely a speed date on 26/06 and a coaching session on 25/09. It is organised by Cosmopolis and BRAL with the support of BRUZZ and BX1

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