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CANCELLED! Cosmopolis Lunch Seminar with Jan Musschoot (Ghent University): Quantifying European banking centers

19 March 2020 , Geography Dept. - Room F 4.66- (VUB - Pleinlaan 2, BE-1050 Brussels, Building F) from 12.00h to 13.30h

The European banking sector is in decline. Digitalization, low interest rates and overcapacity weigh on banks' profitability. However, this secular trend hides large regional differences. For example, the contribution of banking to gross value added or employment varies greatly between countries. Based on a number of metrics, we quantify the strategicness of banking centers.

Bio speaker:

Jan Musschoot is a postdoctoral researcher at the SEG research group (Department of Geography, Ghent University). He is the author of 'Bankers are people, too', a book about the financial services industry. After obtaining a PhD in physics, Jan became a risk manager at KBC Group. He has also worked as a math teacher and as a corporate trainer. Jan studies financial centers.