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Cosmopolis Lunch Seminar with Alessandra Manganelli (Phd VUB): Dealing with the land and resource questions in the Brussels’ Urban-Periurban Agriculture. A hybrid governance approach.

12 January 2017 , Department of Geography, room F4.66, 12h15-14h00

This seminars develops a hybrid governance approach to the challenges of providing land and channeling resources to enable urban-periurban agriculture. Many studies, policies and practices interrogate on how to scale-up urban-periurban agriculture. The question of land and material resources, however, still deserves a proper attention. In this seminar such question is investigated from a governance perspective.

The hybrid governance approach focuses on the multi-scalar governance tensions triggered by the need for land, material resources and necessary infrastructures to enable urban-periurban agriculture and facilitate urban-rural networks. To this purpose, the seminar firstly zooms-in on the analysis of a peri-urban agriculture project in the Brussels-Capital Region, involving a multi-actor partnership to enable small-scale farming and short food chains. Here I show the specific organization conceived to implement the project on the local scale and how it struggles to work beyond its local limits. Secondly, the empirical analysis deals with the challenges of amplifying the scale and scopes of Urban-Periurban Agriculture from a land and resource governance perspectives. Central here are the difficulties of building ties with the bordering territory of the Vlaamse Brabant to enhance the territorial reach of Brussels’ periurban agriculture.

The seminar will be a chance to present some empirical findings and discuss the analytical insights of my PhD project on alternative food networks and urban food governance. 

Alessandra Manganelli – Bio

After a first Degree in Philosophy (Bologna, 2008), Alessandra obtained a Bachelor and a Master Degree in Urban and Regional Planning  (Milan, 2011 and 2013). In 2014 she collaborated with the European Social and Solidarity Economy network  RIPESS Europe and then started her PhD research in Belgium with Prof. Frank Moulaert (KULeuven) and Prof. Bas van Heur (VUB), funded by the Flemish Research Foundation FWO .

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