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Cosmopolis Lunch Seminar with Corentin Sanchez Trenado: Meat in the city centre – investigating the socio-spatial impacts of the meat sector in Cureghem

14 March 2019 , Geography Dept., room F4.66 (VUB - Pleinlaan 2, BE-1050 Brussels, Building F) from 12.00h to 13.30h

Abstract of presentation:

Although the maintain of productive activities inside dense urban areas is increasingly promoted as way of keeping local job opportunities inside Brussels Capital Region and reducing travel distance of both workers and products, the questions of which type of activities should be maintained and of how to integrate them in the city is still debated. However, depending on the type of activity considered, their impact on the territory can be diverse, both in socio-economic and spatial terms. Therefore, taking the meat sector as an example, this research aims to investigate the role of those activities in central working-class neighbourhood. The main objective of this research is thus to evaluate to what extent these activities can be social, economic or cultural resources for the inhabitants of these neighbourhoods, in a context of rising prices on the housing market.

This presentation will mostly focus on the empirical work carried out in Cureghem, around the site of the Abattoir d’Anderlecht. The main goal of this work is to understand the factors contributing or threatening the stability of this activity and to explore the multiple relationships connecting this activity with its neighbourhood. On the other hand, this investigation also aims to evaluate how these relationships would be affected by the transformation project planned on the site.

Bio speaker

After having completed a master's degree in geography at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Corentin Sanchez Trenado started a PhD at the Institute for Environmental Management and Land-use Planning (IGEAT), in 2017. His interests and research questions focus on urban and social transformations of city centres, in particular, on gentrification and urban renewal processes.