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Cosmopolis Lunch Seminar with Fabio Vanin. Reducing Boundaries: understanding exclusion through security defensive systems in wealthy urban areas.

8 December 2016 , Department of Geography, room F4.66, 12h00-14h00

The seminar will focus on the research methodology and findings of a broad multi-sited and interdisciplinary research project “Reducing Boundaries - understanding exclusion through informal security defensive systems in wealthy urban areas: Porto Alegre, Bruxelles", Veneto region” funded by the EU program Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange in partnership with IUAV University of Venice (Italy) and Unilasalle, Canoas (Brazil).

The discussion will specifically concentrate on the construction of an experimental video on the case study of Porto Alegre (Brazil), realized with low-fi and amateur medias, representing strategies and perceptions of the middle and upper-classes concerning the issue of security within the urban context.
Through a series of interviews and following the participants in their everyday lives in gated communities or highly secured buildings and houses, the film pictures the contradictions and ambiguities of living behind the golden gates of an imagined community of equals. By showing the often underestimate self-awareness of the ones who feel to be forced to live “behind bars”, the film wants to portray the paradoxes of a highly polarized society. At the same time it highlights the possibility of different life styles (the “good neighbours” strategy, establishing a relationship between different classes; the choice of living in “dangerous” neighbourhoods), aiming at opening up a discussion about a highly sensitive issue in many contemporary urban context throughout the world: what makes us feel safe?