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Embedded students: a contribution to urban research?

26 March 2018 , 16:00 -19:00 h; BOZAR/VUB-ULB KONEKT space – Mezzanine Galerie Ravenstein, 1000 Bruxelles/Brussel

This seminar will bring together academic actors and urban organisations (administrations, associations, companies) and will seek, on the basis of presentations and round-table discussions, to identify the conditions for deepening the contribution of students to applied urban research conducted in Brussels. Internships, community service learning and civil society projects offer opportunities for students to apply their academic skills and knowledge in diverse work settings. But these settings also raise critical questions about the role of universities as anchor institutions in contemporary cities and the kinds of ‘place-based’ knowledge to be acquired by students.



welcome time


Introduction: students and urban research: towards a more active and embedded approach, by prof. Bas van Heur (VUB)


Round table based on the practical experiences of

  • Leen De Spiegelaere (Brussels Kunstenoverleg)
  • Solenne Romagni (
  • Linde Moriau (VUB Community Service Learning programme)
  • Jan Denoo (student, ULB-VUB joint master in urban studies)
  • Frederic Raynaud (
  • Pieter Van Damme (CIVA)

and public input.


Proposals for a better partnership between university and civil society around the valorisation of students’ practical skills training.


Do not hesitate to add your proposals … or to discuss your internship offers or other forms of student involvement…

Free access. Please register here to facilitate the practical organisation:

Use of languages: English will be the lingua franca of the evening. But in Brussels, we always manage to talk in other languages if necessary. An informal translation will be (self-) organised if necessary.

This forum is co-organised by the joint ULB – Université libre de Bruxelles – VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel Master in Urban Studies / Brussels Studies Institute / Brussels Academy / Brussels Centre for Urban Studies