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Festival Moussem Cities: Beirut

8 February 2017 , 18h00 Galerie Ravenstein

"The absence of state welfare and urban policies in Lebanon makes Beirut a very challenging city for its residents. Whether they are from Beirut, have migrated to Beirut from rural areas or have arrived to Beirut as refugees of war and displacement, Beirutis engage in daily practices that shape their city. How do they move? How do they acquire housing? And what do they demand? A brief presentation of the urban geography of Beirut will shed the light on topics of informal transport, informal refugee housing and public space activism, three domains that are recurring in Beirut’s daily struggle".

On Wednesday 8/02 Hala El Moussawi will give a talk on Beirut as part of the Moussem cities Festival, you are kindly invited to participate and forward this event to your contacts who might be interested. 

In this talk Hala El Moussawi guides us through Beirut by presenting the lived experiences of Beirutis. This event is co-organized by Brussels Academy.

Hala El Moussawi is a PhD researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel with a background in Architecture and Urban Studies. Her ongoing research investigates post arrival geographies of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Brussels, by following their residential mobility. Her research interests extend to the understanding of informal networks and practices, and she has worked during her masters’ studies on informal public transport in Beirut and Naples, and their relation to notion of the Right to the City (Lefebvre). She also continues to closely follow and participate in questions of urban activism and urban change in Beirut. 

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Festival Moussem Cities: Beirut