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Money & The City

3 February 2017 , Kickoff session from 14h to 16h, at Maison des Cultures Molenbeek. Full program below.

A series of lectures by Brussels Academy, Cosmopolis, FairFin and Financité on how 'all things financial' shape everyday life in the city.

Money is crucial in your everyday life: taking a loan, using a financial services app, paying (or not paying) taxes, investing in a cooperative or in almost anonymous shares. And money plays a crucial role in the city: the skyline of Brussels shows bank headquarers, offices of lobby firms and high value real estate. Money also takes centre stage in political decisions on interest rates and banking regulations - policy domains seemingly outside our reach and comprehension.

Money is crucial. Yes. But its workings and effects remain somewhat mysterious. What happens behind the doors of financial offices? What control do you really have over your own money? In 6 lectures, we bring together a diverse range of speakers, from academics to activists, to shed light on multiple spaces inhabited and shaped by finance.

3/2: Intro: Unpacking money in the city
by David Bassens (VUB) and Frank Vanaerschot (FairFin)

10/2: Who owns the city? Brussels and its real estate
by Manuel Aalbers (KUL): The Financialization of the City
Sarah De Boeck (VUB) on the Canal Area; and Community Land Trust Bxl

17/2: On art, value, and the built environment
by Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans: factual-fictual reportage 'Masquerade'
Commentary by David Bassens (VUB)

24/2: Making money with apps? Debating the FinTech revolution
by Reijer Hendrikse (VUB) and Hilde Verschaeve (Trafiek vzw)

10/3: Brussels, lobby and tax avoidance capital of Europe?
by Rodrigo Fernandez (KUL); Corporate Europe Observatory

17/3: Banks and our money : what about the alternatives ?
by Fairfin

Moderator: Eric Corijn (Brussels Academy)

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