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Networks in Geography, or Geography in Networks?

8 May 2017 , Promotiezaal D2.01, 13:30-15:30

A Guest Lecture by Thomas Sigler (University of Queensland, Australia)

Networks in Geography, or Geography in Networks?

Network-based approaches are well established within human geography. This presentation provides an overview of Dr Sigler’s research in geographical networks, beginning with his research on Panama as a ‘relational’ city and transitioning to empirical work on the Australian urban system. It then presents a theory of networks in geography and concludes by making a case for greater integration of social network analysis (SNA) into geographical research.


Dr Thomas Sigler is a lecturer in Human Geography at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  His research focusses on the interface between cities and globalisation, and with a focus on the connections between cities and the processes and networks within them.  His research has been published in a number of international journals, including Urban Geography, Urban Studies, IJURR, Environment and Planning A, and Geoforum. Thomas is currently a visiting researcher at the University of Luxembourg, and will be staying in Europe until June.