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The Productive City / Architecture Workroom Brussels

12 January 2017 , 19:00, Atelier BWMSTR Ravensteingallery 54-59 Brussels

We need a radically different look at how to make room for work, in the city. By giving residences and offices priority over the manufacturing economy, for many decades, this employment market has been driven out of the city, to the edges. If we no longer look at the city as an isolated environment, but as part of a much broader economical region and system, many opportunities arise for shared profits in the long run.

This requires an approach that strives for a strategic anchoring of productive economy. This requires, among other things, the reintroduction of the manufacturing industry in the city: from manufacturing that makes the link between knowledge, innovation and production, to circular economy that invests in shorter and more sustainable economic chains. The metropolitan region will benefit from an economy which invests in local production and employment, from an economy that is less harmful to the environment because it invests in recycling and short cycles. How can the industry once again help to build the city? How can this reorganization of the city help to improve mobility, both in terms of commuter traffic and in terms of transportation? Which social gains can be created? In Brussels, as well as in other cities, the focus for the productive city has greatly increased in recent years. This translates into a rich and varied range of projects and initiatives. By bringing all of this work together, we can not only learn a lot from each other, but we can also map out and establish the agenda for the future of the productive city.

Lecture by Marco Broekman (marco.broekman urbanism research architecture)
Debate with Bleri Lleshi (philosopher, activist and documentary filmmaker), Alain Deneef (intendant of Brussels Metropolitan), Stijn Oosterlynck (prof. urban sociology, UAntwerpen) and Sarah De Boeck (researcher Cosmopolis – Center for Urban Research, VUB)
Public debate moderated by AWB