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StadsSalonsUrbains: Paul Langley (Durham University) – Platformed Populations: Figuring FinTech Users

15 November 2019 , Kaaistudio's, 17.30-19.30h

StadsSalonsUrbains 2019/20 lecture series Platform Urbanism: Data Commons, Citizen Contestation and the Governance of Cities

‘FinTech’ is the digital platform political economy of retail money and finance. To disrupt banking in the global North and ‘bank the unbanked’ in the global South, FinTech platforms based in key urban centres must assemble ‘at scale’ and ‘at-a-distance’ relations with large numbers of users. The lecture will critically interrogate how FinTech platforms attempt to recruit, retain and realize value from user populations. It will argue that FinTech users are not individual consumers who choose to access novel payment systems and financial products, but are abstract and data-derived figures that are produced to be profitable by platforms.