Alexandre Orban

Research staff

  • Current position Phd researcher
  • Contact Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Geography
    Faculty of Sciences
    Building F - Room 4.69
    Pleinlaan 2
    BE-1050 Brussels
  • Phone +32 (0)2 629 33 84
  • E-mail

Alexandre Orban is a researcher in human geography and urban sociology. He has a background in Urban and Social Ecology and Environmental Sciences and Management, and has worked on research projects for several non-profit organizations. Alexandre's PhD is exploring the relations between urban space production and labor conflicts geography, with a focus on strike movements in European metropolitan areas from the 1970's to the 2010's. He's also working on the project Cities of Making about the integration of manufacturing activities in the cities of London, Rotterdam and Brussels.

Educational background

2014-2016: Master degree in Environmental sciences and management, Université Libre de Bruxelles. cum laude for the overall results and magna cum laude for the master thesis about the social impacts of green spaces from urban renewal policies in the Maritime neighborhood, Brussels

2010-2013: Bachelor degree in Social and Urban Ecology, Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine. Magna cum laude for the overall results and for the bachelor thesis about social impacts of private and public investments in the Old Molenbeek neighborhood, with Eglantine Bustarret.

Previous positions

January 2018 - May 2018: researcher at the urban studies organization Latitude, assigned to the project Cities of Making about the integration of manufacturing activities in the city.

September 2017 - March 2018: mission head at Maison de l’urbanisme du Centre culturel du Brabant wallon, in charge of the publication nº17 of the collection Architectures about innovative architecture in Brabant wallon and studying the working conditions in the construction industry sector in Louvain-la-Neuve.

July 2017 - December 2017: researcher for the non-profit organization Inter-Environnement Bruxelles, working on the evolution of productive activities in Brussels and their issues for city inhabitants, with Claire Scohier.