David Bassens

Academic and teaching staff

  • Current position Professor of Economic Geography / Associate Director of the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research
  • Contact Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Geography
    Faculty of Sciences
    Building F – Room 4.63
    Pleinlaan 2
    BE-1050 Brussels
  • Phone +32 (0)2 629 33 87
  • Fax +32 (0)2 629 33 78
  • E-mail

David Bassens' research interests lie in two broad areas: (i) Geographies of globalized urbanization: world-city formation and world-city-networks, urban political economies, post-colonial urban critiques, mobility of urban policies; and (ii) Geographies of finance and financialization: financial geography, economic geography, regulation theory, varieties of capitalism, and the sociology of finance. David is also Associate Director of Financialization at the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and Treasurer and Executive Committee member of FINGEO, The Global Network on Financial Geography.

His current empirical research pays particular attention to:

  • The discursive and material construction of emerging markets;
  • Geographies of Islamic finance;
  • The role of global finance in urban development and world cities;
  • Geographies of the financial crisis;
  • The financialization of financial institutions.

Current teaching

Economic and Financial Geography (MSc Geography, MSc Urban Studies, MSc STeR*)

Politieke en Economische Geografie (BSc Geografie)

Terreinwerk II (BSc Geografie)

Urban Geography (BSc Geography, MSc STeR*, MSc 4Cities, MSc Urban Studies)

Key publications

Keblowski, W., Bassens, D. (2017) “All transport problems are essentially mathematical”: The uneven resonance of academic transport and mobility knowledge in Brussels. Urban Geography, online first

De Boeck, S. Bassens, D., Ryckewaert, M. (2017) Easing spatial inequalities? An analysis of the anticipated effects of urban enterprise zones in Brussels. European Planning Studies, 25(10): pp. 1876-1895.

van Meeteren, M., Derudder, B., Bassens, D. (2016) Can the strawman speak? An engagement with postcolonial critiques of “global cities research”. Dialogues in Human Geography, 6(3), pp. 247-267.

van Meeteren, M., Bassens, D. (2016) World cities and the uneven geographies of financialization: Unveiling stratification and hierarchy in the world city archipelago. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 40(1), pp. 62-81.

Bassens, D., van Meeteren, M. (2015) World cities under conditions of financialized globalization: Towards an augmented world city hypothesis, Progress in Human Geography, 39(6): 752-775.

Bassens, D., van Meeteren, M., Derudder, B., Witlox, F. (2013) No more credit to Europe? Cross-border bank lending, financial integration and the re-birth of the national scale as a credit scorecard, Environment and Planning A 45(10): 2399-2419.

Bassens, D., Engelen, E., Derudder, B., Witlox, F. (2013) Securitization across borders: Organizational mimicry in Islamic finance, Journal of Economic Geography 13(1): 85-106.

Bassens, D., Derudder, B., Witlox, F. (2011) Setting Shari’a standards: on the role, power and spatialities of interlocking Shari’a boards in Islamic financial services, Geoforum 42(1): 94-103.

Bassens, D., Derudder, B., Witlox, F. (2010) Searching for the Mecca of finance: Islamic financial services and the world city network, Area 42(1): 35-46.

Educational background

2007-2011 : PhD Geography, Ghent University

2005-2007 : MA Social and Cultural Anthropology, Magna cum Laude, KU Leuven

2001-2005 : MSc Geography, Magna cum Laude, Ghent University

Previous positions/employment

01/10/2011-30/11/2012 Post-doctoral fellow of the Flanders Research Foundation, Ghent University, Geography Department

01/01/2008-30/09/2011 Doctoral Researcher, Ghent University, Geography Department

01/10/2007-31/12/2007 Researcher ‘Steunpunt Ruimte en Wonen’, Ghent University, Geography Department