Kobe Boussauw

Academic and teaching staff

  • Current position Professor of Spatial Planning and Mobility
  • Contact Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Geography
    Faculty of Sciences
    Building F – Room 4.55
    Pleinlaan 2
    BE-1050 Brussels
  • Phone +32 (0)2 629 35 11
  • E-mail

Kobe Boussauw teaches in the MSc in Urban Design and Spatial Planning (STeR*) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His research deals with the reciprocal relationships between mobility, planning, and the built environment, both in an analytical and in a policy oriented sense. Within the first track, the way in which various aspects of spatial structure interact with each other is assessed, whereas in the second track the focus is on decision-making processes that impact on such spatial functioning. Kobe's concern is mainly with the relationship between proximity as a spatial quality, urban livability, and sustainability.

Current teaching

Ruimtelijke Planning: theorie en praktijk (MSc STeR*, BA ingenieurswetenschappen: architectuur)

Land Use Planning and Growth Management (MSc STeR*, MSc Urban Studies, MSc Geography)

Planning en Samenleving (MSc STeR*)

Onderzoekspaper Stedenbouw en Ruimtelijke Planning (schakelprogramma STeR*)

Mobiliteitsplanning (MSc STeR*)

Masterproef Stedenbouw en Ruimtelijke Planning (coordination) (MSc STeR*)

Key publications

Plyushteva, A., & Boussauw, K. (2020). Does night-time public transport contribute to inclusive night mobility? Exploring Sofia’s night bus network from a gender perspective. Transport Policy, 87, 41–50.

Caset, F., Teixeira, F. M., Derudder, B., Boussauw, K., & Witlox, F. (2019). Planning for nodes, places and people in Flanders and Brussels: An empirical railway station assessment tool for strategic decision-making. Journal of Transport and Land Use, 12(1), 811–837.

Boussauw, K., & Vanoutrive, T. (2019). Flying green from a carbon neutral airport: the case of Brussels. Sustainability, 11(7), 1–19.

Da Schio, N., Boussauw, K., & Sansen, J. (2019). Accessibility versus air pollution: a geography of externalities in the Brussels agglomeration. Cities, 84, 178–189.

Caset, F., Boussauw, K., & Storme, T. (2018). Meet & fly: Sustainable transport academics and the elephant in the room. Journal of Transport Geography, 70, 64–67.

Bieseman, H., Boussauw, K., Mutsaerts, L., Loris, I., Vervoort, P., & Wackeniers, L. (2018). Ruimte voor mobiliteit. In A. Pisman, S. Vanacker, & P. Willems (Eds.), Ruimterapport Vlaanderen (pp. 255–304). Brussels: Departement Omgeving.

Boussauw, K., Van Meeteren, M., Sansen, J., Meijers, E., Storme, T., Louw, E., Derudder, B., Witlox, F. (2018). Planning for agglomeration economies in a polycentric region: Envisioning an efficient metropolitan core area in Belgium. European Journal of Spatial Development, 69, 1–26.

Boussauw, K., & Vanin, F. (2018). Constrained sustainable urban mobility: the possible contribution of research by design in two Palestinian cities. Urban Design International, 23(3), 182–199.

Pojani, E., Boussauw, K., & Pojani, D. (2017). Reexamining transport poverty, job access, and gender issues in Central and Eastern Europe. Gender, Place and Culture, 24(9), 1323–1345.

Boussauw, K., & Van Meeteren, M. (2017). De schaal van de stad of de Brusselse metropool: van Ottignies tot Mechelen, van Aalst tot Leuven? In P. Ballon, C. Macharis, & M. Ryckewaert (Eds.), De Humane Stad (pp. 35–53). Brussels: VUB Press.

Vanin, F., & Boussauw, K. (Eds.). (2017). Transforming Mobility: Collective Transport and Spaces in Nablus and Ramallah. Brussels: VUB / ULB.

Boussauw, K., & Vanoutrive, T. (2017). Transport policy in Belgium: translating sustainability discourses into unsustainable outcomes. Transport Policy, 53, 11–19.

Saadi, I., Boussauw, K., Teller, J., & Cools, M. (2016). Trends in regional jobs-housing proximity based on the minimum commute: the case of Belgium. Journal of Transport Geography, (accepted).

Van Meeteren, M., Boussauw, K., Derudder, B., & Witlox, F. (2016). Flemish Diamond or ABC Axis? The spatial structure of the Belgian metropolitan area. European Planning Studies, 24(5), 974–995.

Boussauw, K., & Boelens, L. (2015). Fuzzy tales for hard blueprints: The selective coproduction of the Spatial Policy Plan for Flanders (Belgium). Environment and Planning C, 33(6), 1376–1393.

Ronse, W., Boussauw, K., & Lauwers, D. (2015) Shopping centre siting and modal choice in Belgium: A destination based analysis, European Planning Studies 23(11): 2275-2291.

Boussauw, K., Allaert, G., & Witlox, F. (2013) Colouring inside what lines? Interference of the urban growth boundary and the political-administrative border of Brussels. European Planning Studies 21: 1509–1527.

Boussauw, K., Neutens, T., & Witlox, F. (2012) Relationship between spatial proximity and travel-to-work distance: The effect of the compact city, Regional Studies 46: 687–706.

Boussauw, K., & Witlox, F. (2011) Linking expected mobility production to sustainable residential location planning: Some evidence from Flanders, Journal of Transport Geography 19: 936–942.

Member of the editorial board of the following journals

Journal of Transport Geography (IF 3.56)

Urban Planning

Urban, Planning and Transport Research

Brussels Studies

Educational background

2007-2011: PhD Geography, Ghent University

2001-2002: MSc Spatial Planning (GAS-RP), Ghent University

1996-2001: MSc Civil Engineer-Architect, Ghent University

Previous positions/employment

2012-2014: Research assistant spatial planning (60 %) and research associate (10 %), Center for Mobility and Spatial Planning (AMRP) in combination with research associate (30 %), Department of Geography (30 % ), Ghent University

2011-2012: Part-time assistant professor (10 %), Department of Geography, Ghent University

2011-2012: Spatial planner, Department of Spatial Planning (RWO), Flemish Government, Brussels

2007-2011: PhD researcher, Department of Geography, Ghent University

2006-2007: Municipal spatial planning advisor, UN-Habitat, Kosovo

2003-2006: Spatial planner, Department of Spatial Planning (AROHM), Flemish Government, Brussels

2001-2003: Mobility consultant, Studiebureau Iris Consulting, Brussels