Liesbet De Backer

Research staff

  • Current position Phd researcher
  • Contact Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Geography
    Faculty of Sciences
    Building F – Room 4.70
    Pleinlaan 2
    BE-1050 Brussels
  • E-mail

Liesbet De Backer is a PhD researcher with a multidisciplinary background in Orthopedagogics, Science of Arts and Archaeology. Before joining Cosmopolis, she worked in a socio-cultural organisation in Brussels for a number of years.
Liesbet’s research is funded by Innoviris and focuses on the life trajectories of unaccompanied minor newcomers in Brussels after their eighteenth birthday. Through in-depth interviews with stakeholders, she maps the complex web of actors involved in the preparation of unaccompanied minor newcomers for adulthood. She uses a qualitative, longitudinal and inductive approach to look into the interrelationships between the residential trajectories of unaccompanied minor newcomers from the moment they come of age and their paths of socio-economic integration. Based on the information gathered from these different sources, she collaborates with societal partners in order to develop a protocol that works towards a better socio-economic integration of unaccompanied minor newcomers in Brussels.

Educational background

2006-2007: University of Ghent, Master in Archaeology with specialisation in Near East
2003-2005: University of Ghent, Bachelor in Science of Arts
2000-2003: Hogeschool Ghent, Bachelor in Orthopedagogics

Previous positions

2013-2018 Communication and audience development at  BRONKS Brussels’ theatre for young audience