Mariana Santos

Research staff

  • Current position Post-doctoral researcher
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Mariana Santos’ research interests sit within Cultural Economic approaches to Finance and the geographies of money and finance. More precisely, she looks at the ways in which processes of ‘financialization’, or ‘neoliberalization’ take place as situated practices, discourses and lived worlds - notably, through the commercial strategies and tools of banking and financial services providers.

Previous research (PhD) has looked at the ways in which the commercial and financial practices of the Private wealth management sector in different countries help shaping imaginaries and experiences of money and capital of High Net-Worth clients. Especially relevant have been questions about how financial and security logics coalesce in everyday dealings of financial practitioners, or about the ways in which family relations come to be targeted and problematized in the context of the financial management of wealth and wealth managers’ commercial strategies.

Mariana’s current research focuses on the changes in the European landscape of banking and financial services brought about since the advent of the single market. In particular, she wishes to understand how particular narratives and representations articulated at institutional level in order to advance certain regulatory changes have been translated, adapted, transformed, etc. at the level of private actors’ business strategies, organizational culture and everyday practice.