Air & Citizens Science - informal network of researchers

Research, Ongoing

Air pollution is a key public health, environmental, political and socio-economic issue that characterize modern cities.

Concerned with the quality of the urban environment and their own health, citizens demand clean air and mobilise, including by participating directly in air pollution measurements. Policy makers are increasingly aware that the viability of urban living is threatened by toxic levels of air pollution, and the most progressive among them put in place policies, infrastructures and regulations to mitigate the problem and reduce people vulnerability. The scientific community is also devising new approaches methods and technologies to shed light on the complexity of the issue, and new publications are continuously being added to the shelves.

In this context, this network brings together researchers from different Belgian universities, looking at air pollution from a wide range of different perspective and disciplines, including environmental science public health, urban governance, law, mobility… What we share is the interest in air pollution as a research and as civic agenda. It is in this context that we speak of action research or citizen science, where science is done for citizens, with citizens, and by scientists as citizens.

The objective of is twofold:

  • To give researchers an opportunity to update their colleagues about their work (current or future), learn  from each other areas of expertise, share experience and data from relevant projects, network and identify possibilities of cooperation
  • To contribute to the growing debate on air pollution in Brussels and in Belgium, in a historical moment in which air pollution is a topic of increased interests for citizens and authorities, and in which traditional forms of knowledge are being questioned.

contact person: Nicola da Schio