BSI Chair - Companies and Sustainable Mobility: The Company Car and Beyond

Research, Ongoing

Brussels Studies Institute 01/02/2017 → 31/05/2018 (completed)

Mobility definitely constitutes one of the biggest contemporary societal challenges. Therefore, eleven organisations and interest groups are supported through an academic research chair manged by the Brussels Studies Institute (BSI). The aim of this interuniversity research chair is to generate a broad, scientifically substantiated approach of company mobility based on cross-community and multidisciplinary academic research, focusing on different geographic scales and cases, and with a particular interest in the Brussels metropolitan area.

Kobe Boussauw is advising the work packages on external tendencies and global trends influencing the demand for and implementation of sustainable company mobility (WP2A) and on potential future scenarios for company mobility (WP2B), in cooperation with the research group LoUIsE (ULB).