Circular economy and the city

Research, Ongoing

Identifying socio-spatial conditions and opportunities for a transition towards a circular paradigm in Brussels. How can the transition towards a circular economy be spatially embedded in the Brussels economy and society?

The first objective of the research is to anchor the notion of circular economy and the analysis of its related practices within urban studies and planning. Secondly the research aims at mapping and assessing the current spatial distribution of circular economy practices in the BCR, and thirdly, to analyse their socio-spatial embeddedness. Thus, the designed project will work towards improving the existing methods of data collection with regards to identifying, interpreting and improving existing and emergent circular economy practices in the BCR.

The research will inquire into the origins, conditions, catalysts of the urban change that the transition towards the circular paradigm may involve, identifying existing coalitions working towards altering the non-circular modes of production in the BCR. Key in this perspective will be the identification of the needs and capabilities of Brussels’ inhabitants to engage with circular economy. Finally, the research will reflect on the possibilities and limits in terms of scaling up circular practices, and suggest potential scenarios for their improvement and expansion.

This research is funded by Innoviris through their Anticipate program, and supported by:

Duration: 2018-2022