Research, Ongoing

In cooperation with Interleuven, C-Valley, Community Land Trust Brussels, KU Leuven, Istema, Rotor, POM Vlaams-Brabant, Leiedal, WVI and Levuur 01/03/2019 → 30/06/2020

The Circuler project (part of the Vlaanderen Circulair open call focusing on circular economy in Flanders: brings together citizens, companies, knowledge institutions and governmental agencies to assess the transition to sustainable business parks. The project addresses various themes within the framework of circular economy, such as resources, energy, spatial and environmental quality, mobility, user needs or biodiversity. The concepts and ideas developed during the stakeholder meetings are applied to a cluster of business parks in Haasrode, in the southern border of the city of Leuven. The implementations of innovative solutions for rethinking the business park in Haasrode acts as a practical testcase for the formulated theoretical process.