Research, Ongoing

CLEARING HOUSE provides evidence and tools that facilitate mobilising the full potential and qualities of urban trees and greenspaces, thereby developing pathways for the effective restoration of degraded urban environments, the enhancement of ecological connectivity, and the provision of ecosystem services for a more liveable and just city. The project is realized by a wide consortium of organizations including research, policy, and NGOs in Europe and China and is funded by the EU (H2020-SC5-2018-2 call).

Research, Ongoing

Urban trees, whether in parks, private gardens, or in the public space, have qualities that can enhance people mental and physical health, provide community and social value, and help mitigating and moderating a wide range of environmental risks. They are also a vital component of the urban environment to maintain a wholesome ecosystem and in enhancing biodiversity. Their potential for delivering various ecosystem services and contributing to the well-being of urban societies is not always fully understood and exploited.

CLEARING HOUSE will review existing knowledge on urban tree-based solutions, conduct quantitative analysis of large geographic databases and in-depth comparative analysis of ten case studies in Europe and China, also on the basis of citizen science methods.  Knowledge will relate to the uneven geography of urban trees and greenspaces, to their impacts on urban ecosystem and human well-being, and to the practices that exist to managing them.

CLEARING HOUSE implements a co-design approach to ensure that its research programme stems from the concrete knowledge demands of key user groups (e.g. policymakers at different levels, city administration, planners, business, civil society...), and develops a set of targeted learning mechanisms to engages with a wide range of stakeholders.

CLEARING HOUSE realises knowledge-based tools to support cities, planners, business and civil society in implementing urban tree-based solutions. Target-group specific communication and dissemination for complement the project. These include science-policy symposia for decision-makers, activities targeting businesses and civil society organisations, and measures reaching out to citizens.

CLEARING HOUSE: Collaborative Learning in Research, INformation-sharing and Governance on HOw Urban forest-based solutions support Sino- European urban futures’ is a project to be realized by a consortium of 27 organizations including research, policy, and NGOs in Europe and China (H2020-SC5-2018-2 call). Belgium-based partners are Cosmopolis-VUB, BOS+, Brussels Environment and Vlaams Brabant.