Critical Mass (Kritische Massa)

Research, Ongoing

(completed) Research assignment by the Flemish government, Department of Spatial Planning, in collaboration with Ghent University (Michiel van Meeteren, Tom Storme, Jonas De Vos, Ben Derudder, Frank Witlox) and Delft University of Technology (Evert Meijers, Erik Louw).

The Flemish government is committed to the development of a performing 'metropolis Flanders', which is large enough to assume an important economic position in the network of urban regions of the northwestern European delta. The heart of this urban agglomeration is the metropolitan core are that comprises roughly the functional space of the quadrangle Brussels-Leuven-Antwerp-Ghent. This densely populated core area experiences a variety of pressures. It is expected that a large portion of the predicted population growth of Flanders and Brussels will settle in this area, which is at the same time well accessible and embedded in the European context. This makes good strategic planning policies for this metropolitan core area necessary.
Within this research project, we look for thresholds that determine whether the defined metropolitan core area operates as an integrated urban region. We make this analysis respectively with regards to the labour market, the housing market, and the transport sector (with the emphasis on public transport and bicycle highways).
This research is conducted in close interaction with the project 'Top Facilities'.

The research was published on the website of the Flemish Government: