Europeanization of Research and Policy Innovations in Brussels

Research, Completed

Innoviris Prospective Research for Brussels funding

The aim of the research project is to map and identify the role of Brussels in the European research geography and to analyse the ways in which research can support public policies of the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR). This objective is articulated in three objectives:

The first objective is to conduct a comparative evaluation of the performance of the ‘Brussels Research System’ (BRS) in terms of participation in EU R&D projects, and specifically the Framework Programme (FP). The analysis of FP participation has two major values: it shows the competitiveness of the BRS in terms of FP grants collection; and it indicates the capacity to establish transnational linkages within Europe and worldwide.

The second objective is to analyse the ways in which research supports policy innovations. This entails moving beyond mainstream debates on research for technological and industrial innovation. Specifically, science-based approaches can reinforce and increase the effectiveness of public policies of the BCR as well as other tiers of policy making.

The third objective is to do an international comparison of Brussels with other capital city-regions. This is directly related to the previous objective as it allows for a better understanding of research-policy relationships in terms of dynamic and evolving relationships, governance and informal mechanism of coordination.