Expertenadvies Labo Ruimte Stedelijk systeem kust - Ontwerpend onderzoek naar transformaties van de bebouwde omgeving in de kustzone

Research, Completed

ENG Expert advice on the research by design project ‘Urban System Coast’ - Research by design project into transformations of the built environment of the coastal area.

Ruimte Vlaanderen - afdeling Onderzoek en Monitoring

1/09/16 → 31/03/17

'Urban System Coast' is a research by design project into possible transformations of the built environment in the coastal municipalities and its neighbouring hinterland municipalities in order to achieve a more robust urban system. The project is a collaboration between the Flemish Master Architect, the Department of Spatial Planning Flanders, the Flemish Waste Management Agency, and the Province of West Flanders and is part of the Spatial Planning Lab (Labo Ruimte), which is a platform for research by design into socio-spatial issues.