Steunpunt Wonen

Research, Ongoing

Steunpunt Wonen is a multi-university policy research centre that supports the housing policy of the Flemish government

Steunpunt Wonen is a consortium of KU Leuven, VUB, University of Antwerp and TUDelft (the Netherlands). It unites researchers from various fields to support the Flemish government in developing a long term vision for Flemish housing policy. It is financed by the Flemish government for the period 2016-2020, but has been active since 2004.

Michael Ryckewaert is involved in the Steunpunt Wonen since 2007 and coordinates research in the fields of housing quality, innovative housing solutions, housing typology and other spatial dimensions of housing policy. COSMOPOLIS researcher Lieve Vanderstraeten is responsible for the analysis and management of housing quality data from the housing surveys of 2013 (Grote woononderzoek 2013) and 2017 (Woonsurvey 2017). Other COSMOPOLIS researchers contribute to housing quality research, research on the cost of renovations, the regional organization of housing policy, the relationship between housing policy and environmental policy and research on innovative housing solutions.

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