Transitions of Mobility and the Built Environment: a Vision of the Ghent Urban Region (‘Transitie in mobiliteit and ruimte’)

Research, Ongoing

Labo Ruimte - Flemish Government (in collaboration with Tractebel, Scelta Mobility, 51N4E, Scelta Mobility, Granstudio) 18/12/18 → 29/02/20

This project assesses how the wider urban region of Ghent can grow into a sustainable (combi) mobile polycentric region. How can innovation in mobility, more complementarity between different transport modes, and a greater commitment to ‘proximity of place’ and ‘proximity of time’, contribute to achieving strategic objectives such as making better use of space available for development, and maximally safeguarding open space? What is the relationship between core city districts and suburban areas with low to very low intrinsic potential for public transport, and how do we link mobility networks and modes between those areas? In this context, mobility should not be viewed as a goal on its own, but rather as a means of providing access to work, education and leisure.